Citrus Memorial Hospital Sterilization Equipment

Citrus Memorial Hospital needed hauling services to replace their old sterilization equipment.


Citrus Memorial Hospital wanted to replace some of their older equipment with state-of-the-art models. But to do that, they needed someone who could remove and haul away the old machines, then haul the new equipment to the facility and install it properly.

It was a very important job, one that left no time to waste – hospitals need every facility in the building in optimal working order at all times. Replacing the machines meant we had to move fast, but still get the job done well.


We always prepare for the unexpected. It’s a good thing, as this job started out with a surprise.

  • Removing old equipment.
    We had to move the old machines out to make room for the new ones. Fortunately, our hauling and rigging services helped in this regard.
  • A sobering discovery.
    Right before installation was to take place, we realized the new machines were much too large for the space intended for them. Suddenly, a job that required only removal and replacement of machines turned into a matter of construction on the hospital rooms that were to hold those machines.
  • Rebuilding the room.
    Once we realized just how much bigger the new machines were, we drew a plan for completely rebuilding the room to accommodate the new equipment.


  • Hauling services.
    Our sophisticated hauling and rigging services made short work of removing and hauling away the old machines. When it was time to move the new machines in, we were able to handle that, too.
  • General contracting.
    We set about rebuilding the walls to accommodate the new equipment. That meant we also had to reroute everything that ran through those original walls. Of course, time was of the essence. We built new walls, then proceeded to fix the piping, electrical and insulation.
  • Pouring concrete.
    Heavy equipment usually needs a solid concrete floor to hold it. We had to ensure a top-notch concrete slab that would hold the heavy machines for years to come.
  • Installation.
    A proper installation takes time. We ensured all connections were working properly, fulfilled all electrical and piping requirements and made sure the machines were ready to work seamlessly.


This was a complicated project. However, because we approached it with a steady, step-by-step view, we completed the job without difficulty. Figuring out how to deal with surprise problems in a professional manner is a sign of a company that really knows what they’re doing. Regardless of any problems that pop up with wiring, piping, insulation, installations – or even moving walls – we are ready with a solution that works.

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