Jefferson High School Drains and Units

Jefferson High School needed 140 roof drains installed and three units changed. Horne Construction was up to the task.


Jefferson High School in Tampa, Florida was looking to have three of its units changed out and 140 roof drains installed. They needed this done during the summer months, as school was out of session and the building would be quiet. School staff would still be there, however, so scheduling was still rather tight. Horne Construction had to figure out a schedule that would allow completion of the work by the deadline but not interfere with the important business of the school.


It all began with a plan – but even the best-laid plans can go awry. Here’s what happened:

  • A serious time crunch.
    We had to work around school staff hours. Since the staff worked regular hours during the week, it was necessary to figure out which section of the building to work on during certain times, so as to not disturb them.
  • Florida’s summer weather.
    Sudden storms are quite common in Florida, and a good amount of rain means no roofing work until the showers move through. The weather further limited our schedule.
  • Severe roof issues.
    The roof repairs were extensive. This required a sizable group of employees on the roof at any given time, all working in concert to make the repairs happen as seamlessly as possible.
  • Something went wrong.
    There was an excellent plan for completion of the project, but it didn’t take into account the accident with the sidewalk. A roofing contractor accidentally cracked it during the work.


  • Reliable roof repair.
    Replacing the drains necessitated a great deal of crawling around in the ceiling area to reach them all. Installation of the new units also required many hours of labor on top of the building, as well as inside it.
  • Pouring concrete.
    We could have simply fixed the area where the roofer’s accident cracked the sidewalk – but there were several other cracks too, and as everyone knows, once a crack begins it widens until it becomes a safety hazard. That’s definitely not acceptable, especially for a school! We tore up the old sidewalk and poured a beautiful new walkway.
  • General contracting.
    Even with issues that threatened to derail our schedule, we managed to get all 140 drains placed and three units installed, as promised. We were more than happy to serve the client and look forward to helping them again in the future.


While project planning and execution are vitally important, what’s just as important is how we handle surprise situations. Being kind and considerate is the only way to go. When we made a mistake, we were happy to fix it – and we are quite pleased that our repair kept our employees, the school staff and the returning students safe.

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