Oak Grove Elementary Plumbing & Mechanical

Oak Grove Elementary was seeking a solution to their plumbing and mechanical issues over summer break.


Many schools choose to have work done on their facilities during the time students are on a break. That was the case with Oak Grove Elementary. They wanted to fix a plumbing and mechanical issue on the roof during the summer break, while there were few people in the building. Obviously, this job had a very clear deadline: it had to be complete by the time the students returned for the new school year.


Fortunately, Horne Construction was up to the task. Here are a few points that helped us complete the job on schedule:

  • Tracking the weather.
    The summer months bring plenty of rain to Florida, and so we prepared for that well in advance. Rather than working with a smaller crew for a longer period, we pulled in additional people to get the work done faster. This allowed us to jump to work during periods of dry weather. Since there were so many people working on the issues, the job moved fast, even during those limited periods of clear skies.
  • Avoiding water intrusion.
    Any work on a roof is going to lead to the possibility of water intrusion. Serious water leaks can negate all the hard work a contractor did to repair a roof! To make sure that our contributions counted, we hired plenty of employees to handle the job – and we approached it with our usual ‘big picture’ approach, which kept us from making small mistakes that could lead to big leaks.


  • Reliable roofing.
    By hiring a large crew, we were able to work on the enormous school roof during the dry times between rainstorms. By preparing for the weather, we were able to complete the work even with a schedule that seemed to work against us more often than not
  • Mechanical contracting.
    Roofing is only part of the story. Whenever we work on a large roof, we can expect other issues to confront, such as ensuring HVAC units, drains and vents are in proper working order. With a broad range of expertise, our team was more than capable of handling any mechanical issues that popped up during the work.


Our crew is proud to hold the Jessica Lunsford Badge, which allows us to work on school properties in the state of Florida. This means our seasoned professionals have gone through an intensive background check for safety of students and others in the school system.

By thinking strategically about the weather, taking deadlines into account and looking at the overall scope of the project, Horne Construction made the right move in bringing in more employees to handle the work. We completed the job on schedule and everyone was happy with the results. By going the extra mile, Horne exceeded the client’s expectations and kept several talented employees working throughout the summer.

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