St. Luke’s Health & Rehab New Build in Lakeland, FL

St. Luke’s Health & Rehab Center needed construction from the ground up in Lakeland.

St. Luke Rehab Center

A St. Luke’s Health and Rehab Center wanted to move into the Lakeland area. To do so, they would have to build from the ground up. After exploring all prospective companies in the area, they decided Horne Construction was the right choice for their important project.

This was an enormous project – one of the largest we had taken on – and just as with any other job, we wanted to get it right. But the size of the project meant the pressure was on! It would take a great deal of coordinating all the various employees and professional contractors required to create a building from scratch, but we knew we were up to the challenge.


This was a big job, but we were more than happy to take it on.

  • Working with other contractors.
    Horne Construction signed on to handle the plumbing of the new building. This extensive work meant we were working closely with a variety of other contractors, coordinating schedules and figuring out plans that would allow us to finish the work in the proper order.
  • Waiting.
    To complete our required work, we often had to wait for other contractors to get their part done. Since we were working with the underground piping, we had to summon patience while the concrete was carefully poured and cured.
  • Extensive underground piping.
    At that point in our company’s history, this was one of the biggest projects we had taken on. That meant the pressure was on to prove ourselves. We came prepared with our seasoned professionals, top-notch equipment and a solid plan.


  • Creating a plan.
    When working with so many contractors on a large build, it’s imperative to have a schedule that is solid enough to ensure completion of the work yet flexible enough to handle unexpected changes.
  • General contracting.
    As soon as the concrete was complete, we were at the ready. We jumped in to do our part, with the understanding that other contractors would be waiting for us to complete the job, test everything and sign off on the work.
  • Underground piping.
    Laying pipes for such a large building isn’t easy, but we again turned to our seasoned professionals to make sure it got done properly and on time. We worked seamlessly together to handle our end of the project so other contractors could step up and complete theirs, too.


We care about doing the job right the first time. When working with so many other contractors and dealing with serious time constraints, some might find it tempting to cut corners. Not us! We tackled the job with our usual friendliness, professionalism and positive attitude, delivering a high standard of work that was more than suitable for the client’s needs. By providing an easy experience for all parties involved, everyone benefits – especially the very satisfied client.

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