Tavares Storm Water Improvement Project

Tavares was experiencing stormwater problems and hired Horne Construction for assistance.

Tavares Stormwater Improvement

Stormwater management can always be a tough issue for businesses. Tavares was dealing with stormwater problems and looking for a solution that would revamp their existing storm water system. The problem was growing worse by the day, so they contacted Horne Construction. Time was of the essence.


Upon taking a look at the problem, we quickly realized the issue was underground. Here’s how we chose to tackle the issue from start to finish.

  • Working around existing utilities.
    For anyone digging underground – whether it’s a contractor with a backhoe or a homeowner with a shovel – the rule of thumb is to call your local utilities to figure out where the pipes and lines are. We knew there were pipes and lines under the surface, so we had to figure out exactly what and where those were.
  • Major road work and piping.
    Drainage pipes often run underground. We were dealing with pipes that needed replacement, so we knew it would be necessary to rip out the deteriorated sections and install something new.
  • Installing, testing and insulating.
    We had to make sure the new pipes worked effectively so that water issues would resolve immediately upon completion of the project. This meant not only installing and insulating the new pipes but testing them to ensure our work was sound.


  • Creating the plan.
    We started with the knowledge of where we would be working – specifically, with the fact that numerous utilities were operating underground. Between irrigation lines and gas lines already below the surface, being very careful to dig in only the “safe” areas was as challenge. It was necessary to draw a plan that incorporated those utilities, then figure out the right approach that wouldn’t lend even more difficulty to an already complex project.
  • Piping.
    It turned out that cutting through the road to replace a steel pipe would be necessary. That’s a big job, one that could easily disrupt businesses and traffic in the area. Fortunately, we were able to complete the dig and replace the pipe with little trouble.
  • General contracting.
    By insulation and testing the pipe, we were able to ascertain that it would not fail and that the entire result was sound and safe. It could have turned into a messy job without the careful planning and cautious approach to digging – but Horne Construction knows how to do things right the first time. We got the job done smoothly and without costly interruptions.


This is an example of how taking a ‘big picture’ approach can benefit our clients. By looking at the job with a holistic view, we were able to complete the work without any additional stress for Tavares. We made sure the process was smooth and easy for them, and as a result, we minimized business interruption and finished right on schedule.

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