Commercial General Contractor in FloridaExperience the benefits of commercial general contracting from Horne Construction.

At Horne Construction, we believe your general contracting project should have solid planning. This allows us to complete it on time and within your budget. We have followed this three-step priority list since 2001, and it has been a success for numerous small and large projects. Years of experience have taught us what works and what doesn’t, and our clients can take advantage of the fine-tuned, expert services we have to offer.

A Holistic Approach to Commercial General Contracting

We work from a ‘big picture’ perspective. What does that mean for your project? By taking a holistic approach to our work, we can envision your project well before breaking ground or hammering that first nail. This careful mindset has been part of the Horne general contracting formula for over a decade, developed from our hard work and experience in the field of construction. Look at any of our general contracting projects and you will see a great outcome: a job well done and very happy clients.

Wide Range of Experience

Our professionalism applies to a wide range of projects. Our general contracting expertise is a great fit for all your needs in the following fields:

And More

Turn-Key Commercial Contractor

We handle all aspects of the project for our clients. From managing the insulation subcontractors that come into a job before the walls are complete to hiring fire alarm specialists who ensure the finished structure is safe and secure, we oversee it all. If issues come up during the project, we take care of them – you don’t have to worry about a thing. We get the job started on time, focus on the details and finish the project with the solid, polished and professional look it deserves.

Specialty Hauling and Rigging

At Horne, we are masters at typical general contracting tasks, but we also offer perks and specialized services you might not find elsewhere. One of those is specialty hauling and rigging. If you need to haul or transport equipment, or you purchased heavy equipment that requires delivery to your location, we can help. With our service as a single point of contact, you don’t have to do anything further. We save you the money and time by contracting with our large network of providers to rent or haul equipment for you.

Let Us Take It From Here...

Get in touch with us today so we can get your job up and running – and alleviate the stress of having to handle everything yourself.

Whether you have a small job that will take a few hours or a large project that will take many months of hard work, our team of experts at Horne Construction is ready to serve you. We look forward to being your single point of contact. You make one phone call, and that puts our wheels in motion. We take care of the details, so you can focus on other important tasks.

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