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With a poorly designed commercial plumbing system, a lot of things can go wrong. Decreased water pressure, blockages in the pipes, backups and even leaks where you least expect them are just a few of the consequences of inadequate installation and poor design. In addition to skyrocketing repair bills, some plumbing issues can also lead to much higher utility bills – and that’s something no business wants!

A Holistic Approach to Commercial General Contracting

By choosing to work with Horne Construction, you can say goodbye to these common plumbing issues. We know what it takes to keep your commercial plumbing running smoothly. In fact, we believe a well-designed and carefully-constructed plumbing system should run without any problems, requiring only the occasional maintenance.

When you choose Horne Construction to work on your plumbing system, you get:

  • a solid plan for system efficiency;
  • a great installation that leaves you with no questions;
  • and a plumbing system that simply works well.

Years of Plumbing Experience for your Business

Horne Construction has been in the water and plumbing management industry for well over a decade.

We’ve encountered almost every commercial plumbing issue a client could face, and we’ve confidently stepped up to handle the problems. As a result, we have extensive experience not only in designing and installing plumbing systems but also with repairing and replacing faulty plumbing.

Our services don’t stop with the pipes in the bathroom walls. We cover a broad range of services related to the plumbing. Here’s more of what we can do:

All Types of Piping

We specialize in several different types of piping, so we can handle issues with water delivery, sewer pipes, drainage, and the intricacies of PVC, copper, gas piping and more.

Top Notch Employees

We hire only the best welders and craftsman pipers. We ensure they have the experience and skills to get the job done right the first time.

Medical Gas Certified

Speaking of gas piping, we’re medical gas certified. That means that in addition to water plumbing, we can handle all your gas plumbing needs too.

Low Overhead

Because we operate with a smaller overhead than many of our competitors who work on a larger scale, we have the advantage of employing the best craftsmen to get the job done while still hitting your budget mark.

Vast Resources

We have an enormous network of professionals we can pull in to get the job done. In the rare event we can’t handle it with our own technicians, we immediately find the experts who can.

And More

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Horne is Medical Gas Certified

At Horne Construction, we are also Med Gas certified, which means we can solve problems with piping and other issues that could lead to serious – or even deadly – consequences. Using a service that doesn’t have this certification could spell disaster.

As part of our commitment to ensuring the best and safest system possible, we take a few questions into account:

  • What piping does your project require? We can help you make an informed choice between copper, brazing, welding piping and more.
  • Will the piping be underground? If so, we can handle the digging, installation and all associated cleanup.
  • Does the piping require extensive testing? We can arrange for that and then sign off on the paperwork once everything is up and running to code.

The Solution to Your Commercial Plumbing Needs

If we are installing your water plumbing from scratch, we can ensure it works just as it should from the very start, and for a long time to come. If we are cleaning up a job that someone else did, we can fix the mistakes and help ensure you won’t have to deal with faulty plumbing again.

So why wait? Contact our commercial plumbing experts at Horne Construction today. We are ready to go to work for you, so you can finally experience the benefits of commercial plumbing services done right.

Let us take it from here...

Get in touch with us today so we can get your job up and running – and alleviate the stress of having to handle everything yourself.

Whether you have a small job that will take a few hours or a large project that will take many months of hard work, our team of experts at Horne Construction is ready to serve you. We look forward to being your single point of contact. You make one phone call, and that puts our wheels in motion. We take care of the details, so you can focus on other important tasks.

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